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Fitness Corner – Simple Workout after Work


We all know we need to work out several times a week for optimal health. Exercise makes us feel great, look great and improves all round energy and health. But, it’s easy to get into a rut and skip our workouts – because we’re tired, or stressed. But these are the very reasons that we SHOULD make the effort to get that workout in! And if you’re not an early morning person, then after work is the perfect time to get in a workout and wind down in good, healthy style.

2017’s Biggest Fitness Trends


Hey my hearties! Now that 2017 is truly on its way, it’s time to talk exercise goals and fitness fabulousness. Don’t you do that at the beginning of the year? Yes, most people do, but that can be a trap! What with the stress and all of January, I find it better to focus on fitness once the year has been worn in and tried on. Less stressful that way!

How to Get A Body Like Gigi Hadid


Who’s that IT girl? So, it’s no wonder she has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated, been in Guess campaigns and stalked the legendary Victoria’s Secret runway. But she has also crossed over into high fashion with the likes of Tom Ford, despite the fact that some have said she is ‘too curvy’. Well, if that’s too curvy, I’ll be that, any day!