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All the Newest, Coolest Product Recommendations


Hey my beautiful ones! Today I have a little round up treat for you – NEW products. It’s such fun being a girl in the world where our favorite beauty brands are constantly creating new products! With the latest ingredients and technology, and the most gorgeous packaging and fragrances. I just love it, and so will you! Check it out and decide which ones you’re going to treat yourself to!

Multi-tasking, Multi-masking!


OK, it’s quiz time!

Q: What could be better than treating your skin to a soothing facial mask?

A: Treating your skin to MULTIPLE face masks, at the same time, silly!

It makes a lot of sense. Different areas of your skin have different requirements. You may have dry skin under your eyes, oily skin on the nose and blemishes on your chin. It is far more beneficial to use several masks to give different areas of your face exactly what they need most.