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Concealed Genius : Multitasking Concealer Hacks


Hello my beautiful ones! Today, I want to give the spotlight to a humble member of the makeup foundation family – the concealer. Concealer is one of those items we all have, and we all need, yet it doesn’t get much limelight in the ‘sexy’ makeup stakes. However, it is one of those hard workers that will keep surprising you with how much MORE they can do than first meets the eye!

How to Look Perfect at a Party – Stunning Makeup Looks


As we barrel down to the end of the year, there is the opportunity to go to loads of parties! Office parties, Christmas Parties, Year-end parties, family and friend’s parties, you name it, the parties are there! And while they can be loads of fun, there is the stress of getting the perfect “look” together for the party. That’s the clothes, the makeup, the overall effect! Make this super fun for yourself, and you will hear those compliments pouring in!

Beauty Haul with COSME-DE.COM ft. Tyra Crisostomo


Watch the lovely Tyra Crisostomo unboxes beauty haul from COSME-DE.COM and shares her thoughts on the beautiful and amazing products from Benefit, Urban Decay, Becca and NARS. COSME-DE.COM offers free shipping and safe packaging on your favourite beauty products from around the world at the most attractive price. Check out the video and find your favourite products on our website.

KathleenLights Inspired Makeup Tutorial ft. Reese


Watch Reese does this absolutely stunning makeup look inspired by KathleenLights – one of the most popular YouTubers known for her stunning face and talented makeup techniques! With easy application and popular products from Urban Decay, Clinique and NARS, you can effortlessly duplicate the gorgeous look of KathleenLights by following Reese’s steps. If you a huge fan of KathleenLights, let’s not miss out this amazingly wonderful video!

Day to Night Makeup Tutorial Video ft. Reese


Watch the beautiful Reese demonstrating how to do a gorgeous day to night makeup using products from Urban Decay, Chanel, Nars and Becca. She shows us how to cover dark circles perfectly and uses the latest baking technique to make the concealer last longer. She also shares tips on how to apply eyeshadow that stays put. Switching up your everyday look to a more glam look for night out has never been easier. Happy watching!