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An Attitude of Gratitude – COSME-DE.COM is 10 Years Old! The Thankful Sale


Bring on the celebrations! Can you believe COSME-DE.COM is TEN YEARS OLD! That’s the double digits friends, a big whammy and something to delight in. However, it’s no surprise, with the global variety of top notch beauty brands and products, super-fast and meticulous service and free shipping in many cases! Not to mention awesome blog, trend and lifestyle articles!

Kendall Jenner’s Beauty Secret


Kendall Jenner, who is just 22 years old, has already become the world’s highest-paid model with nearly 85 million followers on Instagram. She is not only a catwalk queen but also a sexy young woman who leads the fashion trend in the world. Being in the spotlight at all times, Kendall is devoted herself to look gorgeous whenever and wherever she is. What are the beauty tricks behind?

Daily Skincare Episode 1 – Morning Routine


We all know that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! And the journey toward beautiful, healthy, glowing skin starts with a fabulous daily routine. But the trick to developing a great morning routine is making it fit in with your time constraints and your lifestyle. And that means finding the right products! Few people have a lot of time to get ready in the mornings, so a great routine means products that save time, and products that multi-task!

Editor’s Picks – How To Combat Dry Skin In Summer


Ever get confused when your skin has a mind of its own and goes “against the grain”? Excessive skin dryness is usually associated with the cold Winter months, but lo and behold, what do you know? You can experience really dry skin in Summer too, and you will not be alone. So what’s up with that?

Top 10 Oil-Free Moisturizers for Clear, Hydrated Skin


Everywhere you look you might see advertisements and promotions for rich, oil-based moisturizers for your skin. While these products certainly have their place for dry or mature skins, what if you have an oily skin, and the last thing you need is to add MORE oil to your skin and possibly cause blemishes and breakouts?

Start New Year with A Bang! 2017 Must-Have Best Sellers


We all have our different skin types, beauty needs and preferences. However, there are some products that are just so fantastic that everyone loves them. And votes for them by purchasing them from the COSME-DE site, time after time. So, to give you a special New Year treat in 2017, we have discounted the following 5 products just for you, between 3 – 15 January. These are the products that our dear customers buy time, after time, after time! So, try them out for yourself and find out why, or (if you are already a convert) stock up for 2017 at a discount!