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Create Your Own Style with Makeup


We all have one of our very own that is completely different to the one anyone else has. What is it? It’s YOUR STYLE. The combination of factors that makes you unique, one of a kind, and a true original. It’s the external and internal factors that come together to create the magic that is you – your smile, your gestures, the way you wear your hair, and the clothes and makeup you love that express a part of who you are.

Skincare Hacks – For Dry and Oily Skin


The way you treat your skin is a combination of lifestyle habits, product choices and simple, practical considerations from day to day. You don’t need an expensive skincare specialist to observe some basic, common-sense rules that will make sure you have some skincare hacks which you can seamlessly incorporate into your everyday life to ensure your skin glows with health and radiance!

Mind and Body – Create an oasis of relaxation at home


Have you ever felt that the constant busyness of daily life, the managing of every detail and the rush, rush, rush can start to leave you feeling a little exhausted and depleted? If you do feel like that, just know that you are NOT ALONE! We ALL feel like that sometimes. What is really important, is how you manage and deal with those feelings. Taking time out for some self-care rituals restores your sense of calm and equilibrium, which makes you so much better at dealing with all the stresses AND the goodness of your daily life.

Secret Garden Week 3: Luxurious, Fragrant Lavender Has It All!


By now I know you have been doing your detective work around the COSME-DE website, looking for your secret codes that unlock a treasure garden of cash discounts and free gifts! And if you haven’t, do not despair, as Week 3 of our Secret Garden promotion has arrived. We know ...