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Editor’s Pick – 2018 New Item Picks


Working at COSME-DE has great perks! We find out about all the latest and greatest new beauty products that hit the market first! So, we thought we would let you have a sneak peek into the newest, most effective and gorgeously luxurious products as soon as they hit our shelves, ready for you to enjoy FIRST!

Editor’s Picks – Hero Products of 2017!


Yes, it is that time of the year! Time when we approach the last couple of weeks of 2017, and it just wouldn’t be right not to look back at the beauty products that I would call the ‘Heros’ of 2017. These products have the latest ingredients that give your ...

Editors’ Picks – The BEST Moisturizing Products for Fall / Winter


Fall and Winter certainly have their charms – russet and gold leaves, warm, cozy fires and gorgeous coats and boots – yeah! But your dear skin needs extra protection from dryness during cold months of the year. There are several reasons for this – cold air carries less moisture, indoor heating may feel delicious, but saps moisture from the air too. Long, hot baths and showers can also seem like a fabulous reward after a long day but can strip skin of natural oils.

Editor’s Picks – 2017 Must-Try Beauty Items


It’s almost time for a year-end performance review for the myriad of beauty products I have tried this year! Some items really impress me and I just can’t help myself sharing them with you. I have carefully selected different beauty essentials that you can’t live without. You will regret if you did not try these five items!

Top 5 Editors’ Picks Beauty Favorites


The arrival of spring brings the most welcoming changes. Your skin becomes moist and radiant again, brighter shades of color are seen on makeup looks, and tense, tired muscle from the cold seems to uncoil. In other words, it’s a great time to rethink your beauty routine! If you are looking for the best beauty products on the market? Look no further: our editors have chosen the top picks from skincare and makeup and offer them with amazing discounts!