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Step-by-Step: DIY Home Manicure Tutorial


Mastering the DIY home manicure is a GREAT skill in your arsenal of beauty tricks! It saves you loads of time and money and is REALLY convenient. And a nice little chunk of ‘me time’ too! And with this tutorial, we take away any guesswork so you can go straight ahead to beautiful, DIY nails!

DIY Beauty – EASTER TIME! Long week-end home Spa Day


There is NOTHING better than a good ol’ pamper day! How often do you take the time to just relax, pamper yourself and really unwind? The long weekend over Easter is the PERFECT opportunity! Picture it – a close friend or two (or maybe you really just need some me-time), loads of bubbles (both of the champagne and the bathing variety) and all the time in the world to catch up and pamper your face, body and soul with amazing natural fragrances and ingredients!

DIY Beauty – Make Your Own Beautiful Gemstone Soap


Well, ladies, I have hit on an absolute winner! It’s a DIY activity (which I love), it’s creative, it involves beautiful colors, exquisite natural fragrances and you finish up with stunning gifts that you can tell friends and family that you made them YOURSELF! In fact, you could go one step further and sell these at craft markets.

DIY Beauty – Lip Mask / Lip Balm


Colder weather can have its drawbacks. It’s not all cozy snuggling by the roaring fire! Sometimes you need to get out there and be exposed to the harsh elements. And this can leave parts of your skin dry – especially your lips. And dry, chapped lips are both uncomfortable AND unsightly – not something a COSME-DE girl can endure!