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Top 10 Oil-Free Moisturizers for Clear, Hydrated Skin


Everywhere you look you might see advertisements and promotions for rich, oil-based moisturizers for your skin. While these products certainly have their place for dry or mature skins, what if you have an oily skin, and the last thing you need is to add MORE oil to your skin and possibly cause blemishes and breakouts?

KathleenLights Inspired Makeup Tutorial ft. Reese


Watch Reese does this absolutely stunning makeup look inspired by KathleenLights – one of the most popular YouTubers known for her stunning face and talented makeup techniques! With easy application and popular products from Urban Decay, Clinique and NARS, you can effortlessly duplicate the gorgeous look of KathleenLights by following Reese’s steps. If you a huge fan of KathleenLights, let’s not miss out this amazingly wonderful video!

Fitness Corner – Simple Workout after Work


We all know we need to work out several times a week for optimal health. Exercise makes us feel great, look great and improves all round energy and health. But, it’s easy to get into a rut and skip our workouts – because we’re tired, or stressed. But these are the very reasons that we SHOULD make the effort to get that workout in! And if you’re not an early morning person, then after work is the perfect time to get in a workout and wind down in good, healthy style.

Beauty Lesson – Build Your Perfect Daily Skin Care Routine


After decades of taking care of your skin daily, it’s natural to think that you know what your skin needs and the simple moves you do every day can’t be improved upon. In fact, choosing the right products for your skin and adding a few techniques can improve your complexion greatly. Get the skin of your dreams with our guide below!

Multi-tasking, Multi-masking!


OK, it’s quiz time!

Q: What could be better than treating your skin to a soothing facial mask?

A: Treating your skin to MULTIPLE face masks, at the same time, silly!

It makes a lot of sense. Different areas of your skin have different requirements. You may have dry skin under your eyes, oily skin on the nose and blemishes on your chin. It is far more beneficial to use several masks to give different areas of your face exactly what they need most.

Editor’s Picks – the LATEST and GREATEST Radiance Boosters!


Isn’t it fantastic when you get to try something completely new? And the most awesome part of the beauty industry is that it is constantly evolving, innovating and bringing out exciting new products and concepts! In amongst the myriad of new products that are being launched all the time, I have found four absolutely FABULOUS new Radiance Boosters, the ‘Fab Four’.

Best Tips For Firmer, Lifted Facial Contour


Like those of you who are 20-something, I’m still at the prime of my youth – I can get away with one vodka too many or just 4 hours of sleep without it being written over my face. But I know that the key to staying young is to start early. So what should you be doing to keep your face firm and lifted?

9th Anniversary Celebration: Best-Selling Beauty Items Up to 65% OFF!


Happy Birthday COSME-DE.COM! We are excited to be entering into the 9th year of our business and continue to offer our customers the best beauty products from all over the world, at the best price and service. As a token of thanks for your support over the years, we are bringing you A-M-A-Z-I-N-G discounts on the best-selling makeup and skincare products up to 65% OFF! Check out some of the attractive products on sales from 12 Apr – 30 Apr.