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The Essential Makeup Brush Guide


Makeup can be so much more than something you slap on to cover blemishes! It can also be a creative piece of artistry that you work your magic on! And while your face is your canvas, like any artist, you absolutely need the right tools to get the results that you really want. And your makeup brushes are your tools in this case! Using good makeup brushes makes ALL the difference to your makeup application, blending and result. It’s worth investing in some good-quality brushes, as well as reading up on which ones to use, and when!

Back to School Preparation: Multi-Tasking, Budget-Busting Back to School Beauty Tips


OK, so we all know it’s back to school soon! And while you might be delighted, downright depressed or have mixed feelings about this, there is one thing I know. We all want to look our best. We all want to know that we have a few pieces or items that are totally up-to-the-minute!

Zendaya’s Beauty Secret


Zendaya Coleman is a 21-year-old movie star acting in various blockbuster movies, including The Greatest Showman and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Zendaya has to work on a tight schedule like nobody else does as she is not only a singer, an actress but also a designer having her own collection! How to seek a balance between working and skincare? How to look gorgeous all the time even with minimal makeup and styling? Zendaya’s beauty secrets are going to reveal NOW!

Mineral Makeup


Does mineral makeup outweigh traditional makeup? The answer is definitely YES! Unlike traditional cosmetics, mineral makeup is undoubtedly a lifesaver for women who are prone to breakouts but still want to put makeup on! There are many benefits of mineral makeup. Here is the lowdown on why you should add mineral cosmetics to your beauty regimen!

Top 10 Oil-Free Moisturizers for Clear, Hydrated Skin


Everywhere you look you might see advertisements and promotions for rich, oil-based moisturizers for your skin. While these products certainly have their place for dry or mature skins, what if you have an oily skin, and the last thing you need is to add MORE oil to your skin and possibly cause blemishes and breakouts?

Get Ready With Us: Flawless Foundation Routine ft. Layan B


Have you ever wondered how to get the most natural, flawless foundation? Wonder no more! The gorgeous Layan B explains exactly how to do this, which products to use and the precise techniques that will give you that “perfect skin” look that works anytime, anywhere. Using products from COSME-DE.COM she explains exactly how to prime, color correct, apply and set foundation, as well as contour the face. Find out which products she used from Dior, Bare Minerals, and Chanel. The perfect way to learn how to brighten dull skin and look flawless all day long!