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Editors’ Picks – The BEST Moisturizing Products for Fall / Winter


Fall and Winter certainly have their charms – russet and gold leaves, warm, cozy fires and gorgeous coats and boots – yeah! But your dear skin needs extra protection from dryness during cold months of the year. There are several reasons for this – cold air carries less moisture, indoor heating may feel delicious, but saps moisture from the air too. Long, hot baths and showers can also seem like a fabulous reward after a long day but can strip skin of natural oils.

Editor’s Picks – How To Combat Dry Skin In Summer


Ever get confused when your skin has a mind of its own and goes “against the grain”? Excessive skin dryness is usually associated with the cold Winter months, but lo and behold, what do you know? You can experience really dry skin in Summer too, and you will not be alone. So what’s up with that?

After-Sun Care Tips and Tricks


There’s no doubt that spending time in the sun is great for your health and mood. But if the sun becomes too much, it may lead to a series of skin problems such as redness, dryness to premature skin aging. So, now is the time to take precautions for your skin. Read our after-sun care tips below to make your skin stay hydrated and glowy after your next outdoor party or camping trip!

The Gift Guide To Beautiful White Day


White Day is romantic festival invented by the Japanese. Let me tell you the story of Valentine’s Day on February 14 – In 269 AD, the autocratic emperor prohibited the marriage of people to have more unmarried soldiers for his military plans. It led to secret marriages signifying bravery and true love. White Day on March 14 is relatively lovelier. The Japanese encouraged people to return gifts to the women who gave them chocolate on Valentine’s Day. White candies, white chocolates and white gifts had made this day romantic.