Summer-Proof Your Makeup!


Much as we all luuuurve warm Summer days, they can come with a few of their own challenges! Like an increase in insect bites! And the need to protect yourself from the very warmth we all love so much – the sun. And, of course, our body’s own reactions to the warmth. The slight glow, or outright sweat some good old high temperatures cause! It can play havoc with your makeup. It can make your carefully applied face of beauty turn into a mascara-streaked gloop-fest. So not your favorite look, I know.

Concealed Genius : Multitasking Concealer Hacks


Hello my beautiful ones! Today, I want to give the spotlight to a humble member of the makeup foundation family – the concealer. Concealer is one of those items we all have, and we all need, yet it doesn’t get much limelight in the ‘sexy’ makeup stakes. However, it is one of those hard workers that will keep surprising you with how much MORE they can do than first meets the eye!

Daddy Love – Fragrance Notes Perfect for His Personality


We all love the smell of Dad. That unique olfactory footprint that everyone has. And nothing makes a girl feel quite as safe and loved as a good ol’ whiff of DAD! Choosing a scent for someone means that you need to know them well, and who better to choose something that suits Dad just perfectly than YOU?