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Superfoods – What are they, and what is so ‘super’ about them?


You might have heard the term ‘superfood’ being bandied about a lot recently. So, what is it that makes a food a ‘superfood’? There is no actual rule, and definitive line as to what a normal food item and a ‘superfood’ item really are. It is term that has been coined to describe food that is nutrient dense, promotes good health, has a concentration of ‘good stuff’ and is definitely a healthier option than a fat-food takeaway!

Make Your Christmas Magical, by Making it Meaningful!


Christmas time is the PERFECT opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief, and to celebrate in a meaningful way. It’s all too easy to go all ‘Bah Humbug’ and rain on the parade of Christmas. Whether you celebrate Christmas as a religious occasion or not, it is MAGICAL! It is a time to be with family, to create traditions that are all yours, to perhaps help those less fortunate, and to give of your beautiful self – not only will you make others feel great, but the warmth will fuel your soul well into the next year!