Summer Hair Care Tips for Lustrous, Shiny Summer Hair!


Summertime is your time to SHINE! And part of your shiny reality should be your hair, which means taking a little extra care in Summer to stop it getting dry, frizzy and brittle. Sun exposure, lots of swimming and outdoor pursuits are the name of the game in Summer, and so they should be. Get out there and enjoy yourself! BUT, spare a thought for your lovely locks, just a few precautions will keep your hair looking lovely and lusciously shiny all Summer!

Hairbrush Class – The Perfect Brushes For Every Hair Type


To get perfect hair, you need the perfect brush! Using the right brush for your hair type is essential for better hair care and styling. Especially if you want to get great style, reduce frizz, and generally keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful. Here’s a guide to the common types of brushes, and when to use each one.