The Perfect Foundations to Revive Dry Skin


Dry skin is no fun. Sometimes we’ll have dry skin because of environmental factors, such as Winter cold, dry air and environmental pollution. Sometimes dry skin is just hereditary – what we were given. And dry skin is a bother because it usually means sensitive skin – skin that reacts to anything harsh, and can go red, patchy and flaky. What’s more, when you try to even it out with foundation, you need to be very careful, as the wrong foundation clings to flaky bits and causes even more sensitivity.

Waft Around In A Cloud Of Sophisticated London ‘Cool’ – Jo Malone Fragrances


When it comes to creating achingly cool trends, time and time again, you cannot beat the Brits. Think of the Swinging ‘60’s, and the mods, The Beatles. Think Mary Quant and the miniskirt. The anti-establishment ‘70’s punk and the ‘80’s New Romantics. Cool Britannia and the Spice Girls in the ‘90’s and the ever classic style of English Country chic – tweeds, flat caps and Wellington boots.