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KathleenLights Inspired Makeup Tutorial ft. Reese


Watch Reese does this absolutely stunning makeup look inspired by KathleenLights – one of the most popular YouTubers known for her stunning face and talented makeup techniques! With easy application and popular products from Urban Decay, Clinique and NARS, you can effortlessly duplicate the gorgeous look of KathleenLights by following Reese’s steps. If you a huge fan of KathleenLights, let’s not miss out this amazingly wonderful video!

10-Minute Makeup Challenge


Have you ever got stuck in bed in the morning?  I bet most of you who would rather save more time to catch more sleep than spending it on makeup in the early morning before work. Girls, how wonderful if we can finish our makeup in just 10 minutes! Is it possible to get our entire makeup routine done in 10 minutes? Let’s give it a whirl!