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Benefits of Minimalism and De-Cluttering


Did you know that clutter and chaos can make you feel down? We have lived in a materialistic world where possessions and comparison are important. BUT there is a major trend away from this concept, and that trend is toward minimalism. Being minimalist means owning less, being mindful of your possessions and ensuring that you accumulate only what you need, and what is meaningful to you.


Easy Ways to Eat Healthily – Achieve Radiant Skin from the Inside


There is so MUCH advice about what to eat and what not to eat. And fad diets galore – from the latest celebrity diet to complicated regimes that require all your time and, ideally, a personal chef! That is not going to work for most of us – we have busy lives and time is at a premium. The trick to eating healthily is to incorporate choices that you can make every day, without a big fuss.

Easy Ways to Build Up an Awesome Exercise Habit


Have you been struggling to get into a regular exercise habit? Believe me, I know how that feels. We all know how beneficial regular exercise is to us. It makes us look AND feel great. It helps prevent disease and illness, it keeps our skin fresh and glowing, it keeps our bodies trim and lithe and develops gorgeous-looking muscle definition.

The Perfect Foundations to Revive Dry Skin


Dry skin is no fun. Sometimes we’ll have dry skin because of environmental factors, such as Winter cold, dry air and environmental pollution. Sometimes dry skin is just hereditary – what we were given. And dry skin is a bother because it usually means sensitive skin – skin that reacts to anything harsh, and can go red, patchy and flaky. What’s more, when you try to even it out with foundation, you need to be very careful, as the wrong foundation clings to flaky bits and causes even more sensitivity.