COSME-DE.COM is an online shopping site offering skincare and cosmetics products for China and worldwide markets. It is developed by Cosme De Net as an expansion of its core business.

The Cosme De Net Group was established by a Japanese entrepreneur, who has over 10 years of experience in core business of retail and wholesale of international skincare and cosmetic products. The Group is equipped with experienced purchasing team, logistics team and customer service team. Other than the flagship office in Hong Kong, the Group has offices in Paris, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei, allowing it to directly purchase skincare and cosmetics products around the world.

Coin de Papillon extends the concept of COSME-DE.COM as a beauty garden – offering a vast array of beauty and skincare products for you to become the beautiful one – and establishes itself as a corner where all things on beauty are shared – from makeup, skincare, haircare, health to lifestyle.

Butterfly is a symbol of powerful transformation because it undergoes multiple changes from a caterpillar, chrysalis to butterfly. It is also a symbol of freedom, freedom from the past stages of life through the metamorphosis process of becoming a beautiful butterfly.

Coin de Papillon is where your beauty transformation begins. Here you can get the latest beauty trends and tips, watch tutorial videos and get exclusive details on our amazing promotions. It is a space where beauty ideas exchange and thrive, where you can receive and express them freely and make you more beautiful.