Benefits of Minimalism and De-Cluttering


Did you know that clutter and chaos can make you feel down? We have lived in a materialistic world where possessions and comparison are important. BUT there is a major trend away from this concept, and that trend is toward minimalism. Being minimalist means owning less, being mindful of your possessions and ensuring that you accumulate only what you need, and what is meaningful to you.


Organizing and de-cluttering your home, possessions, makeup and skincare, any part of your life in fact, has powerful mental and spiritual benefits, as well as looking super neat and tidy.

The concept is embodied by Japanese author and TV series star Marie Kondo, who has shot to global fame with her de-cluttering methodology – the Kon Mari Method. Marie Kondo LOVES tidying up the homes that she visits, leaving families with an ordered, peaceful home.

Some of Marie Kondo’s Top Tips for De-Cluttering:

  1. Tidy by category, not by location. So that means all clothes, or all books, for example, Put everything from that category into one pile, so you can see what you have. For example, if doing your makeup and skincare, you might notice that you have 7 mascaras, that you don’t need, and are missing any lipstick, so you can confidently buy the one you have been eyeing out.
  2. Be mindful and spiritual about your possessions. Marie Kondo sits quietly in a home and suggests you take a moment to do so as well and thank the home for being the roof over your head and be grateful for what you have. When deciding what to discard or give away, hold the item in your hands and decide whether the item ‘sparks joy’ in you. If it does, then you keep it, if it does not ignite that little spark of joy, then you thank the item for its use to you and put it in the pile for giving away.
  3. It may seem obvious, but frequently used items should be in easily accessed areas, and items used less often can go in the harder to reach places. Marie suggests that you make sure everything you have has a ‘home’ or its place. If everything has its own place, it is more likely to be put back there, and not just anywhere, and then be difficult to find when it is needed again.
  4. When buying storage boxes, always opt for clear ones. This means you can see what is in them. Marie suggests storing items vertically whenever possible.

These tips can be used for any area or category in your home, office or other spaces. Let’s jump on board the minimalist train and make sure our lives and environments are serene and un-cluttered!

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