Make Your Christmas Magical, by Making it Meaningful!


Christmas time is the PERFECT opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief, and to celebrate in a meaningful way. It’s all too easy to go all ‘Bah Humbug’ and rain on the parade of Christmas. Whether you celebrate Christmas as a religious occasion or not, it is MAGICAL! It is a time to be with family, to create traditions that are all yours, to perhaps help those less fortunate, and to give of your beautiful self – not only will you make others feel great, but the warmth will fuel your soul well into the next year!

To make something more meaningful, you need to consciously make the effort to do so! Here are some simple tips that you will love!

GIVE! Give give give!

Of your time! Or your stuff! Reaching out to those less fortunate than you may be is the ultimate gift. So, think about what you have that you can give to help others. Is it toys, clothes or money that you could donate to an orphanage or shelter? Is it time? Time to spend with the elderly or with children? Is it as simple as thinking of someone you know who might be alone this Christmas, and inviting them to spend it with you? Christmas is not just about gifts for those closest to you, its an opportunity to spread your net wider and give more. Believe me, the simple act of giving is a win-win situation! Everyone wins!

Create your own traditions

There are plenty of Christmas traditions out there, depending on what culture you subscribe to. But it’s awesome to create your OWN! In my family, all the children (brothers, sisters, cousins, friends) would make a massive bed on Christmas Eve, in one room, and all sleep in the same room. The naughtiness, the giggling after lights out, and the excitement of sleeping on our makeshift mattresses and cushions was even better than seeing what Santa left under the tree the next morning! Magical!


Make sure everything you do this Christmas has a personal touch to it. Hand-make and write your cards and gift tags. MAKE your own gifts – there is so much you can do, and it means something when someone has added a personal touch and time to their gifts. Even wrapping your gifts yourself and including some gorgeous foliage from the garden, or a special, well-thought out written message, or picture goes a LONG way to make a gift more than a financial purchase, and taking it into the realm of ‘meaningful’. This extends to the cooking, baking and food. Without stressing yourself out, spend some time ‘making.’ Whether its cookies or the Christmas lunch, making things yourself gives the MOST satisfaction!

Give Gifts that show you noticed!

Christmas does not have to be all hand-knitted mittens! Choosing gifts that show that you have noticed the person’s likes and dislikes, or if there is something that they need that you have found a perfect solution for, are just as meaningful. Noticing their favorite scent, or brand, and choosing wisely means you have given them your focused attention! Giving someone a luxury that they perhaps would never buy for themselves is another way of giving meaningfully.

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Enjoy! And may the spirit of peace, prosperity, happiness and joy be with you all over the Christmas season!

And then, it will be time prepare for the new year and all its promise, which I will help you do in my next article, which will teach you everything you need to know, about how to GLOW into 2019!

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