Hurry, 48 Hours ONLY! The Thanksgiving Story and some Thanks (major deal) discounts for YOU!


It truly is an amazing story, the story of Thanksgiving. It is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November every year, and dates waaaaaaaay back to ‘the Pilgrims’ of 1621.

Gratitude Fest 

Thanksgiving is a US tradition, but hey, we can all join in and give thanks, even if we are not Americans! The holiday is to celebrate and give thanks, originally created because of the great harvest in 1621. It usually involves a delicious, great big dinner, in which turkey and pumpkin play a starring role! So many other countries have a similar celebration – often called a ‘Harvest Festival’.

So, back in the day, a certain ship, the ‘Mayflower’ sailed from England to the ‘new land’, the Americas. The ship got blown off course and landed in a different area of the America’s to what was intended, and established a colony – New England, Colony of Plymouth, in December 1620. The journey was arduous, and many of the 100 or so people who made it, died soon after landing.

New Beginnings

But, by Spring, the friendly Indian natives had helped the Settlers plant corn and harvest food. The Pilgrims and the Indians celebrated with a huge feast and ‘Thanksgiving’. So there, it is, in a nutshell!

While we may not have to deal with the hardships that they did, hundreds of years ago, they have shaped our world as it is today!

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