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What is the difference between a really luxurious beauty brand and say, a great everyday beauty brand? Well, they both have their place on our bathroom shelves, but today we’re spotlighting the luxury brands.

What’s Inside?

Luxury brands and beauty products that contain EXCEPTIONAL ingredients that are rare, pure and hard to find make luxury beauty products a special treat. It’s also because of the way they are made, with special techniques and technology that make them so exaltedly exceptional.

The Magic

And then, there are the results! For radiantly beautiful skin, or out-of-this-world awesome fragrance, count on a luxury brand to give that extra-special magic!

Make It Yours!

And, while you could be forgiven for thinking that you couldn’t possibly afford all these amazing ingredients, techniques and products, online shops like COSME-DE.COM make it that much more affordable and within reach! Yaaaaaaaay! By cutting out the expensive retail shop environment, you get that luxury brand you’ve always wanted, at a MUCH better price than you expected, delivered straight to your door!

Just a few examples:

La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection A Porter is a portable perfector that treats your eyes and lips to luxe beauty with anti-aging benefits. The chic case holds a compact with two separate compartments: an eye cream-gel in one and a lip balm in the other. La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection A Porter boosts a blend of marine and botanical essences and light-refracting pigments which work to reduce wrinkles and replenish moisture for a luminous look. It is a must for an anytime, anywhere beauty fix.

La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection A Porter

Penhaligon’s Iris Prima Eau De Parfum Spray is a new scent from Penhaligon’s, which is a masterpiece of olfactory choreography with Iris Absolute in the role of Prima Ballerina. Effortlessly elegant and faintly melancholy, Iris Prima offers a fascinating glimpse into the secluded yet magical world of the ballet.

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Green Amber, Pink Pepper
  • Heart notes: Iris Absolute, Jasmine Sambac, Hedione, Paradisone
  • Base notes: Leather, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Benzoin

Penhaligon’s Iris Prima Eau De Parfum Spray

Valmont DETO²X Cream is a foamy / whipped cream textured cream that offers the skin a true breath of fresh air. Transfers Oxygen into the cell and penetrates into the skin every day. Reduces excessive Carbon Dioxide and reactivates cell renewal for smooth, clear and radiant skin.


Valmont DETO²X Cream

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask offers the skin “instant youth”. Rich in active anti-aging ingredients, vitamins and natural extracts, it immediately gets to work on signs of fatigue and leaves the skin looking youthful and energized. Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask brings smoothing, plumping, revitalizing, softening and hydrating effects to restore a luminous complexion and redensified skin in just 10 to 15 minutes. Deliciously scented with rose, this soft, creamy mask creates a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Night Rehab Lip Mask Overnight Lasting Care lets you wake up to lips that feel well-nourished and look lush. Keeps lips looking soft and fresh with coconut water and Pomegranate extract.

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Night Rehab Lip Mask Overnight Lasting Care

Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mirto Di Panarea Eau De Toilette Spray is an instantly uplifting fragrance that opens with the aromatic notes of myrtle and basil combined with lemon and bergamot. In the heart, a unique scent of sea breeze accents merged with rose and jasmine prelude the intense closing notes of mastic and juniper with cedar wood and amber.

  • Top notes: Myrtle, Basil, Lemon, Bergamot
  • Heart notes: Sea Breeze Accents, Rose, Jasmine
  • Base notes: Mastic, Juniper, Cedar Wood, Amber

Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mirto Di Panarea Eau De Toilette Spray

Want EVEN more ideas for superb luxury? Try Afriel & Lofiel – so that your skin glows like an angel. (

OR you could give the aptly named DIAMBEAUTÉ a chance – the cream uses black truffles, also known as Black Diamond, as the main ingredient! (

La Mauve

Want skin so as clear as an Alpine sky? The Snow Algae and Lipobelle Glacier of the La Mauve brand intensively moisturizes and lifts skin for a visibly firmer, brighter and younger complexion. (

And on top of all these awesome recommendations, next time I’ll be going through various ways for you to stay young-looking! Stay tuned!

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