Perfect Pout – Tips for Achieving a Full Lip Look Instantly!


No matter what kind of look you are going for, full, moisturized, beautiful lips always look stunning. Whether you are rocking a standout bright lip color, or a slick of barely there nude color, whether it’s a slick of clear gloss or a vampy red, oh-so-carefully applied, lippy makes your look!


While many products promise the earth in terms of fuller lips, it’s actually what and how you apply your lip products that can give an illusion of fullness, more than the plumping aspects of the product itself. Here are some awesome looks, tips and tricks for that pouty, pillowy look that we all love!

Glossy All Over

Although many of us associate lip gloss with awkward teenage years, going with a simple, clear, high shine lip gloss always makes lips appear fuller and plumper. So break it out and go for it! Also a great option for a pared-down day look. The absolute go-to stunner in this range is Givenchy Gloss Revelateur Lipcolor Enhancer Crystal Shine. This color-enhancing gloss is compatible with skin’s natural pH to tint lips from light pink to transparent fuchsia, depending on each woman who wears it. It leaves a sheer finish on your lips that is always transparent and totally wearable. Perfect with intense eye makeup to deliver a fresh and luminous look.

Givenchy Gloss Revelateur Lipcolor Enhancer Crystal Shine

Special Effects

If you want some dimension, try applying a darker hue to the centre of the lip, then line the outer ridges in a barely noticeable, but lighter shade. Choose a brand that has a nice big color range, such as MAC’s Liptensity Lipstick. That way you’ll get the same texture with your slightly darker / lighter color combo. For an awesome pink dimension, try Eros (darker and slightly brighter) and Gumball (lighter) shades together for a 100% wearable, full-lipped look!

M.A.C Liptensity Lipstick

Nude / Barely There Color

Many makeup artists swear by the illuminating, plumping effects of a barely there color, only slightly deeper than your natural lip color, in a sheer formulation like Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer  – creates harmonizing sensuous shades with shimmering nudes. A decadent blend of Vitamin C and E and Shea Butter helps lavish the lips with saturated moisture.

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer


Do your lips feel dry and flaky? Try using your toothbrush to give them a light scrub. It’s an easy way to boost circulation – do this daily and you’ll have lovely pink, full lips.

Plump Up!

Look for products that contain collagen, such as Helena Rubinstein Collagenist Re-Plump Lip Zoom. Formulated to stimulate the production of the five key structuring collagens, instantly enhances the lips with a natural shine and enwraps them in suppleness and sensual comfort with the ultra-nourishing balm texture.

Helena Rubinstein Collagenist Re-Plump Lip Zoom

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