Healthy Lifestyle – Part Two


We all know that exercise is good for you. But just how good is it? You might be surprised at how very far-reaching the benefits of exercising actually are! We discussed the benefits of healthy eating and weight management last time, and this time we’ll talk about the many benefits that exercising has for us.

The basics…

There are the obvious and often touted benefits of the physical effects of exercise, which include increased cardiovascular health, muscle building and of course – getting a rockin’ hot bod!

But did you know there are a host of other benefits that come from hitting the gym on a regular basis?

Stress and Anxiety

One of the major benefits is that exercise reduces stress and alleviates anxiety. Stress is a completely undesirable state that all too many of us experience daily. Exercise increases endorphins, which create a brain state of happiness and euphoria. Even just a few sessions of 30 minutes of exercise a week will increase your levels of ‘happy hormone’ considerably!!

Exercise boosts self-esteem, through both the external and internal improvements it produces, and we all deserve a little self-love!

Cognitive Ability

It also helps to prevent cognitive decline by boosting chemicals in the brain that support the brain and prevent degenerative diseases. Did you know that cardio exercise can actually create new brain cells that improve overall brain performance and increase levels of brain derived protein (BDNF).


The powerful effects of exercise don’t just stop there! Exercise sharpens the memory and the ability to learn new things.

The Happy Hormone

Exercise causes the release of dopamine, a chemical that our brains and bodies chase and crave, which causes addiction to unhealthy chemicals such as alcohol. Exercise increases dopamine naturally, giving us the ‘high’ that our brains crave in a positive way. Dopamine also helps with the circadian rhythm, or sleep cycle.

Productivity and Creativity

What’s more, exercise increases productivity AND creativity. It helps you get more done, and tap into your creative juices to get more done in new and interesting ways!

So, if you thought gym was purely about a buff bod, think again, there is so much more to pulling on the spandex and having a workout! And next time we get together, we’ll be chatting about another mood booster – every girl’s favorite lipstick!

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