Body Care Step-By-Step – Step 1: How to Reap the Benefits of Dry Body Brushing?


Hello you gorgeous peeps! I wanted to share a technique with you today that I have been doing for years, because it’s just so brilliant at giving me soft, smooth skin. And it ticks sooooo many boxes in my quest for quick, easy, cost-effective ways to be more groomed and look fabulous!


Dry body brushing is, basically, what it says it is. It is the process of brushing the skin on your whole body with a firm, preferably natural-bristled brush. We’ll get onto exactly how to do it in a minute.

But check out the benefits list!

  • It assists the body in lymphatic drainage, which is the body’s natural process for getting rid of toxins.
  • It loosens and removes dead skin cells, resulting in skin that is super smooth to the touch. This is an immediate benefit and my absolute best!
  • It stops the formation of painful and pesky ingrown hairs.
  • It assists in really, really micro cleaning your pores.
  • It is even said to aid digestion, due to getting everything moving!
  • Many people say it minimises the appearance of cellulite. It’s not a magic wand, but there is a far smoother look to the legs than if I stop doing it for a while!
  • It’s invigorating and gives you a lovely energy boost.
  • All you need is a good brush, and 3-5 minutes, around 3 times a week. I can cope with that!

How to give yourself a great body brushing sesh:

Look for a firm (but not too hard or you will hurt yourself and damage your skin) and ideally natural bristled brush. I prefer one with a long handle to help me brush my back and the backs of my legs. I used to use those exfoliating gloves to do my body brushing, and they work well too.

Start at the feet and the hands, and brush in long, slow circular movements toward the heart. Up the arms, up the legs, and around the abdomen, chest, and back. Keep it slow and steady, and keep at it for around 3-5 minutes, before you shower. Remember not to go TOO hard and adjust to what feels right for you. If you go overboard with the pressure, your skin might respond by going red and even peeling, so be gentle, yet firm! Like when the man in your life is misbehaving!

After your shower, make sure to moisturise a LOT, all over. Your new, fresh skin cells will love you for it and your skin will feel uber-silky and soft.

And that’s it! Try it, it’s an absolute beauty winner!

See you soon beautiful, when I’ll be giving you the BEST tips for Summer hair care!

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