Reverse Body Transformations – Part 1


Have you been seeing the trend for Reverse Body Transformations all over social media recently? Social media can be a place full of impossibly lithe, lean bodies, artificially tanned to a year-round golden glow. Which can be a bit bland, not to mention depressing, for the average woman who is NOT interested in obsessing over her body for hours every day!

A Trend Worth Connecting With

But there is a NEW trend that is popping up. It’s about being healthy, balanced, and living your life from a place of happiness! Sounds MARVELLOUS to me!

A reverse body transformation is when (mainly women) put ON weight, instead of the ceaseless effort by women all over the world who are constantly trying to LOSE weight. Whether they do this by building a lot more muscle and strength, or simply by relaxing their previously stringent diet and exercise regimes, women are taking responsibility for their own happiness by focusing on a balanced approach.

We’re All Different

Bodies are all different, and it’s madness that we are all expected to look some version of socially acceptable “similar”.  Many women have had enough of weighing out tiny portions of food, subsisting on shakes and spending many hours a day in the gym, all to create the “perfect” look.

Skinny – Strong

Women who previously lived a life of body scrutiny, such as models and body builders, are bravely coming out with their stories of how they went from skinny to strong, obsessed to balanced – healthy, happy and confident and living life of their OWN terms!

Obsessed – Balanced

So, whether it is to become a lot stronger, or to enjoy other facets of life (such as carbs, food and experiences outside the gym,) women are approaching their bodies with a fresh, empowering attitude. GO SISTERS!!!!!

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or stay as you are, health is the ultimate goal. And that is what we’ll chat about in Part 2 of our Reverse Body Transformation series. How DO you gain weight healthily and happily? Achieving that elusive “balance” is what it is all about. We’ll share those deets with you in Part 2!

And while we’re on the body topic, stay tuned – I’ll be preparing an article on Step-By-Step Body Care for you as well. Laters, beautiful ones!

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