June Giveaway Time! Tell Us about Your Dad & WIN Amazing Gifts for Him!


Hey hey hey……roll up…roll up. Its Giveaway time you beautiful ones! What’s life without a bit of giving? Not much. And speaking of giving, in June we celebrate every woman’s favourite man – her Daddy. He’s given us so much – whether he is the strong and silent type, the funny, goofy type or the sports-mad type, he’s all yours and in June we get to celebrate all he does, all he is and the wonderful-ness that is Dad.

And who wouldn’t love to give Dad one of these awesome gifts, with all your love? All you have to do is tell us your BEST MEMORIES between you and your dad. Comment to let us know all about your amazing Dad, and stand a chance to WIN one of the stunning products for your Dad this Father’s Day!

Contest Period: 13 June, 2018 12:00 – 28 June, 2018 23:59 (HK GMT+8)

How to Play: Comment to let us know your BEST MEMORIES between you and your dad!

Result Announcement: Result will be announced on the blog on 29 June, 2018. Winners will also receive a winner notification email from us on the same day.

Stand a chance to win one of the prizes below:

Biotherm Homme T-Pur Anti Oil & Wet Clay-Like Unclogging Purifying Cleanser (125ml), Worth USD 31

Biotherm Homme T-Pur Anti Oil & Wet Clay-Like Unclogging Purifying Cleanser stops heat and humidity causing a bother for Dad’s skin by helping to protect against skin shine, controls sebum and masters sweat for a no-compromise result that lasts all day long!

Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel (50ml), Worth USD 41

Just because it’s probably one of your favorite brands doesn’t mean Dad should get in on some Clarins wonderfulness! Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel takes the sting out of just-shaved skin and helps skin recover from minor nicks, leaves a non-greasy and fresh matte finish, smoothes and firms skin and reduces redness.

Clinique Clinique For Men Aloe Shave Gel (125ml), Worth USD 37

And Clinique also has a wonderful product for Dad – Clinique For Men Aloe Shave Gel. The highly concentrated oil-free shaving gel transforms into a rich lather that softens and cushions even the heaviest beards for smooth, close shaves. Aloe also helps to calm razor burn.

Below is a tutorial on how to comment on this post.

To comment, click the “comment” button at the bottom of the post.

Then you will be directed to the area as captured below. Simply fill in your NameEmail Address and write your comment in the box, then click “post comment” and you are done.

We’ll select 3 winners, and the winners will be contacted and giveaway will be mailed to your address! Each contestant can enter the competition only once.

Join the contest now to win our fabulous giveaways! Campaign ends on 28 June, 2018 23:59 (HK GMT+8). Good luck my gorgeous!

And there’s more coming that’s all about Dad next time we chat, because he deserves some love and attention!

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2 Responses
  • Noreen Bibi
    June 13, 2018

    My dad is such a good husband and it’s shown me what qualities to look for in a man.

  • Darling
    June 25, 2018

    My dad would always take us to the beach and one of the best memories I have had with him is that one time when he took me and my brothers out to the deeper waters on a fiber glass boat to see the corals. I was about 13 years old. I had such an adventurous spirit so I asked him if me and my brothers could go free diving in the area, which is around 30 meters deep. And he let us! We were confident that nothing could go wrong and he made us feel that we could do anything that our hearts’ desire because he always got our back. I will always remember that day.

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