Royally Stunning Hair


We’ve always been fascinated by the British Royals! In everything from their clothes, their speech, their foibles and actions! And of course, their hair! From Queen Elizabeth I’s wildly crimson curls, and into more modern times.


Trio of Loveliness

Princess Diana’s cropped, feathered style was THE must-have hairstyle of the ‘80’s. It was as much of an icon of style as she was! Then along came Kate with her bouncy blowouts and perfectly glossy locks, inspiring blowout bars all over the world. And of course, now we have Meghan Markle, who rocks straight, wavy, messy buns and more!

These Royal ladies know that your hair is always a focus, and take great pains to ensure it always looks stunning. But just because we weren’t born with Royal blood coursing through our veins, or didn’t happen to fall in love with a Prince, doesn’t mean we can’t have stunning hair every day too! Let’s take a couple of tips from the Royal style icons for our own head-turning hairstyles!

Princess Diana

One of the ways that Diana always looked so fresh and beautiful was because she knew the power of a bit of blonde, especially framing the face. Blonde hair reflects the light and lifts the skin tone, so it’s worth exploring how you can incorporate a bit of blonde! They do say they have more fun! I’m not sure about that but Diana definitely knew how to keep her golden blonde shade looking natural and gorgeous. A lot of people need a little help from the hair dye bottle for some blonde highlights or an intense blonde color. While it looks amazing when you’ve just stepped out the salon, dyed hair needs a little extra love and care. Serge Normant Meta Blonde Reviving Conditioner (For Natural & Color Treated Hair) is formulated with Keravis™, a vegetable protein that is a special blend of Coconut and Jojoba oil and shimmering gold enhancers, which hydrate and provide subtle gold tones to enhance hair color. Use this conditioner on your golden tresses to keep them in good condition, and stop color from going brassy and yellow.

Serge Normant Meta Blonde Reviving Conditioner (For Natural & Color Treated Hair)

Kate Middleton

Kate’s hair is always enviably shiny and in great condition. She is a huge fan of Kérastase Paris Densifique Serum Jeunesse Hair Youth Serum. And it’s no surprise as it helps lift up roots and magnify volume and restores the youthful softness of hair, including grey hair. To use on towel dried and clean hair, apply it on the scalp. Massage and apply on lengths and comb to distribute the product. Do not rinse. Use the hairdryer to activate the treatment. And think of Kate, possibly doing exactly the same thing as you!

Kérastase Paris Densifique Serum Jeunesse Hair Youth Serum

Meghan Markle

And as for the chameleon Meghan, who is all set to become a style icon herself, how do you save time and keep your hair looking fabulous? You use a great preparation product before you style your hair, to keep it frizz-free and hold the style. Try Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother – you can structure your hairstyle faster and more easily! With exclusive plant infused ingredients, the hair follicles are smoothed and moisture retained. What’s more, the hydro-wheat protein can strengthen hair quality, even after heavy damage from heat styling.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother

Toss your stunning tresses and enjoy! And next time we chat, we’ll celebrating the man who has every little girl (and big girl’s) heart – Daddy!

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