Fringe Benefits – Anti-Aging and More…


Whether you call it a fringe, or bangs, having a curtain of hair across your forehead is stylish, and has many benefits! Firstly, it is very forgiving! A fringe can make you look years younger, yet still has a groomed sophistication. It can soften a high forehead, make hair look thicker, or hide pimples.


When you cut a fringe, it becomes the focal point of your hairdo and face. Here are some tips to make this face-framing style works well for you!

  • Trim, Trim, Trim

Hair grows about a half an inch a month, and bangs need to be precisely the right shape to work, and the wrong length will alter the proportions of your face, as well as be extremely difficult to style. This means you could be sitting in the chair for a trim as often as every two weeks! Most good hair stylists do not charge for this, and will let you come in for a quick fringe trim as often as you need.

  • Extra Styling Time Required

Whether its from scratch and hair has just been washed and conditioned, or Day 2 or 3, the fringe styling takes priority. The best way to cope with a time deficit is to slightly dampen just your fringe, then blast strands with a blow dryer to reshape them.

  • Work with Your Natural Texture

When you have finer hair, getting bangs can create instant volume—simply because the front section of hair appears thicker. For thick, even coarse or wavy hair, opt for a longer fringe that can easily be pushed to the side and having a little movement to hair actually works with the finish.

  • Know Thy Face Shape!

If you have a longer face shape, avoid a blunt cut for a more softly shaped style or long side sweep to balance out your naturally angular jawline. Have a more rounder face with not-so-distinct cheekbones? Go for a straight-edged short or heavy fringe with longer side pieces that graze your cheekbones, to create the illusion of contour.

  • Dry Shampoo is Your New BF

Because sometimes it’s just a little natural oil at the scalp that can leave bangs looking like an oil slick. And dry shampoo, is just that—dry shampoo—and all you need to keep them looking freshly washed. To avoid flattening the bangs, put a little dry shampoo on your fingertips and massage into the roots.

  • Think about Color

The color of your bangs is very noticeable, and a chance to make an impact. If your hair has a fine texture, adding a few highlights or lowlights to bangs will create the appearance of fullness. Or, go for full impact with a rich, deep color that can really make your eyes stand out.

  • Bangs Benefit

Once your bangs are beautifully styled, you can leave your hair ‘as is’ or pull it back, and still look super-groomed!

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