Time for a Shower for Your Beauty Blender!


It’s hard not to extoll the virtues of the Beauty Blender. Used for applying and touching up makeup, the egg-shaped sponge was first developed by makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, who was looking for a way to make makeup look good on the unforgiving detail of high definition television.

What Makes a Sponge so Special?

What makes the Beauty Blender different, is that it is hydrophilic, which means it is designed to absorb water, when most makeup sponges were designed to repel water, so that you don’t waste your foundation product. However, the Beauty Blender was made to be wet before you start applying your makeup. As the water gets soaked up, there is no room left for your foundation to be absorbed as well.

Ready for my Close Up!

The result is that, when applying your makeup with a damp Beauty Blender sponge, you get a gorgeous, photo-ready, and poreless finish. Now THAT is something worth looking after!

How to Clean the Sponge Thoroughly

BUT, there is one universal cry from the hundreds of thousands of Beauty Blend fans out there – how do you clean these little egg-shaped miracle workers? And how do you get them to stay clean? After all, as has been discussed in this blog, keeping your makeup brushes, sponges and tools clean is really important. Who wants manky makeup? And worse, an infection or breakout due to excess bacteria?

So, here it is my beautiful ones! Your step-by-step guide to cleaning the Beauty Blender sponge effectively:

Step 1 – Squirt some dishwash cleaner into the bottom of a small glass.

Step 2 – Fill the glass halfway and place the Beauty Blender in it.

Step 3 – Microwave on high for 1 minute

Step 4 – Wait until the water has cooled, and wring the sponge out

Step 5 – Check to see how clean the sponge is. If it’s not super clean, repeat the process with another minute in the microwave.

Step 6 – Repeat as often as you need to keep that baby clean!

Most sponges should be clean after 2 minutes, but if yours was very dirty, 3 minutes might be better, or not so dirty, one minute should be ok.

And on the topic of helpful hints that pack a punch in the beauty department, we’ll be going through the anti-aging and trend advantages of having a fringe, next. See you then!

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