DIY Beauty – Make Your Own Beautiful Gemstone Soap


Well, ladies, I have hit on an absolute winner! It’s a DIY activity (which I love), it’s creative, it involves beautiful colors, exquisite natural fragrances and you finish up with stunning gifts that you can tell friends and family that you made them YOURSELF! In fact, you could go one step further and sell these at craft markets.


So, what is this fab activity?

It’s making beautiful, brilliantly colored, naturally fragranced gemstone soaps.

It’s totally addictive! Getting your colors and fragrances just right, you’ll just want to keep making more! There are two ways to do it – one is to invest on some gem-shaped soap molds (well worth it) OR you can use standard rectangular soap molds and shape facets into them to give the gem quality to your soap.

What you’ll need to get creating:

  • Ultra Clear Glycerine Soap Base
  • Fragrance Oil / Essential Oils
  • Soap Colorant
  • Gemstone / Jewel silicone mold
  • Pyrex measuring Cup
  • Crystal Mica Glitter Powder

Your color and fragrance combos are up to you – you can go pretty and feminine, fresh and funky, masculine and strong – there is just SO much and the limit is your imagination. One of my favorites – a combination of sweet orange and thyme oils, in a fresh lime green soap base. What is YOUR unexpected, ideal combo going to be? But I’m getting ahead of myself….

The Method:

Slice your soap base into cubes with a kitchen knife, and place them inside your pyrex mug. Melt in the microwave, going 30 seconds at a time, stirring after every 30 seconds, until the soap is melted.

Then, add your soap colorant, one drop at a time until your desired color is reached – it could be gentle and pastel, or vibrant and intense – this is where YOU get to play around – maybe match to your bathroom colors? Here, you can add some crystal glitter mica powder, which looks super sparkly and pretty in the finished product – a major hit with the girly girls!

Add 8-10 drops of a solid fragrance or essential oil, or mix in two or more different fragrances. It’s wise to keep it fairly simple – two fragrances is a good combination that means that the notes can both mix and retain their profile.

Make sure everything is well mixed and pour into your jewel shaped or rectangular mold.

Allow the soap molds to sit undisturbed until completely cool (about 30-90 minutes depending on temperature/humidity).

When they have set completely, pop them out the mold and start your next color! If you used a square soap mold, then you can shape and cut facets into your soap to get the gem effect!

Keep going, until you have several batches of beautifully colored and fragranced soaps.

Stunning – for your own home, and as gifts for friends, family, teachers, anyone at all that is on your gift list. Bundle up a few colors in some pretty packaging – and give a cornucopia of happiness!

I know you want to run off and get making now, but come back soon, because I’ll be dissecting Zendaya’s Beauty Secrets – you don’t want to miss it!

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