Wedding Bells! How to Prepare for Your Big Day


Being the bride! It’s the best! It’s the day when you get to be the fairytale Princess. You get to wear the dress, marry the man of your dreams and ride off into the sunset to a life of marital bliss!

OK, we’re modern women, we don’t subscribe to old fashioned fairy tales and we know that life is not always a gorgeous bouquet of carefully chosen (and artfully arranged) flowers! But, your wedding day look is the one which will hang around in pictures for years to come, so you want to get it just right. Here are a few tips that come from experience!

1. Make sure you look like YOU!

You will possibly get the opportunity to use the services of a professional makeup artist – but keep your makeup as fresh and natural as possible – you do not want a very heavy or contoured look that makes you look different to your usual self. So, make sure your makeup artist (or yourself if you are doing your own makeup) creates a look that is great for cameras, and enhances YOUR beauty, but doesn’t CHANGE you! You don’t want your groom running away shouting ‘Who is this imposter!?’

It is worth doing a trial of the makeup, and taking a couple of snaps of yourself in a similar time of a day / lighting to where your wedding pics will be taken, just to check that the color is right and that you have just the right amount of coverage!

2. Be Prepared

If you can do various treatments a few days or weeks before the big day, you don’t have to stress as much ON the day. And the key to a radiant-looking bride? It’s a stress-free bride! So, a microcurrent facial a week before, gelish nails that won’t chip a few days before, or a contouring spray tan a few days before all serve to make you look fabulous, and leave less to worry about ON the day!

3. Remember the details

Having so many photographs taken means that you really want to look your best. And a dazzling smile is ALWAYS beautiful. So, check out your teeth a few weeks before hand, and see if they need a little whitening or straightening before the big day. You can use whitening strips or a professional treatment, depending on your preference and budget. A gorgeous set of gnashers is definitely a plus when you do ALL that smiling!

4. Try new things

Seeing as it IS your big day and time to treat yourself a little, you might want to try a few new things – but remember – gently does it (Refer to tip No. 1!) These new things might include some hair extensions if your hair is quite fine, or perhaps eyelash extensions to frame your gorgeous peepers! One important thing NOT to try though, is using new skincare products TOO close to the wedding day, just in case they cause breakouts or flaky, dry skin! So, any skincare experimentation should be done weeks or months before, so that there are no surprises – only the radiant glow of true love!

And speaking of big days, it might be yours very soon – our January giveaway result will be announced next, so stay tuned!

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