A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil is TRULY amazing. There is no end to the health and beauty benefits you can derive from coconut oil! It is rich in fatty acids, which means it is great at moisturizing the skin and increasing elasticity. Coconut Oil also contains many antioxidants, especially vitamin E, which means it can protect skin from external damage. What’s more, coconut oil has lauric acid, which has antimicrobial properties, meaning it can help fight acne-causing bacteria.

The same properties that make it beneficial in cooking and recipes make coconut oil beneficial for hair and skin.

Coconut Oil for Skin:

For hydrated, healthy-looking skin, you can use a small amount and apply to your face before bed each night. You could also combine with other oils as part of your skin regimen. Coconut oil will both cleanse and moisturize your skin. And you don’t need to stop at the face – coconut oil can be used all over the body, especially dry, flaky areas such as elbows and heels. In homemade deodorant– its natural antibacterial properties make it helpful in fighting odor. Coconut oil makes an excellent eye-makeup remover on its own. You can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to make a delicious massage oil or mixed with equal parts sugar for a smoothing body scrub. It may help lighten age spots when rubbed directly on the skin. Coconut Oil can be rubbed on lips as a natural lip balm or used in lip balm recipes AND used as a natural shave cream and after shave lotion. Wow! I told you it was AMAZING!

Coconut Oil for Hair:

Not only is coconut oil a skincare powerhouse, what about your hair? You can use it as an incredibly intensive natural conditioner- rub into dry hair, put a shower cap on and leave for several hours before washing out with several rounds of shampoo. You can rub it into scalp daily to stimulate hair growth. A tiny dab rubbed on your hands and then through hair makes a great anti-frizz treatment.

Grab yourself a handy tub of this most versatile of beauty products and use it for just about ANYTHING!

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