Perfect Red Lipsticks for Holidays ft. Denise Lim


The trendy Denise Lim introduces two of her favourite lipsticks for the holidays from Giorgio Armani – Lip Magnet Second-Skin Intense Matte Color and Lip Maestro Intense Velvet Color. She compares the two lipsticks in the video. For Lip Magnet, its unique triangular shaped applicator allows you to create a defined, perfect cupid lip look. The color 400 Four Hundred For All is suitable for fair skin tone and it accentuates your lips. For Lip Maestro, the color 400 is a gorgeous deep red that flatters all skin tones. Depending on your desired finish, you can opt for Lip Magnet for an ultra-matte lip look and Lip Maestro for a velvety finish.

Product Recommendation:

Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet Second-Skin Intense Matte Color (color: 400 Four Hundred For All)

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Intense Velvet Color (color: 400)

2017 is almost over, we’re going to do a review on 2017 COSME-DE best sellers in our next post, stay tuned!

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