DIY Beauty: Homemade Skincare Oil


I have absolutely loved experimenting with DIY beauty recipes recently. Not only do you know EXACTLY what you are putting on your skin, but the making and experimenting is such fun! I feel like I need a gorgeous white lab coat to go with my experiments. AND you have that “I made it myself” feeling of satisfaction!

Why a skincare oil?

If you have not yet converted to using skincare oils, and run away scared, thinking of clogged pores and acne whenever anyone mentions oil and your face in the same sentence, it’s time to breathe deeply and re-look the concept! Using the right facial oil for your skin has a load of benefits, such as:

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Great for dry skin
  • Perfect make up primer
  • Shrinks enlarged pores
  • Calms down rashes and sensitivities
  • Great for banishing pimples

But how on earth do you know what to buy and how to create your own facial oil to suit your skin type and concerns? The basic premise is easy, and you will need just three ingredients!

3-Ingredient Facial Oils

Once you get into it, you might want to be a bit more of an alchemist and make skin oils with lots of different ingredients. BUT you can make a perfect oil for your skin with a base oil or carrier oil, an extra nourishing bonus oil, and a few drops of a chosen essential oil. And there you have it, a gorgeous face oil that’s perfect for your skin and your likes and dislikes!

1) Base or Carrier Oil

Your base oil is going to be the main ingredient in your facial oil blend. The base oil will comprise about 2/3 of your facial oil blend. Here are a few that you could choose from, and what skin issues they are good for:

  • Sweet almond oil – great, all-round facial oil
  • Grapeseed oil – normal, oil or acne-prone skin
  • Jojoba oil – dry, aging, oily, normal or acne-prone
  • Argan oil – dry, aging, oily, normal or acne-prone
  • Apricot kernel oil – normal, dry and aging
  • Hemp seed oil – all skins, and very light
  • Avocado oil – dry and aging

2) Nourishing Oil

You don’t actually have to have one of these, you can just use your carrier oil at first if you want. These add a little extra kick to your oil. You use less of these oils, and they are more expensive, but can really help you to tailor-make your oil perfectly for best skin results. There are loads of different ones, but these are some of the best!

  • Rosehip oil – incredibly regenerating, this oil is known for its firming and anti-aging abilities – it’s good for dry, aging, and normal skin
  • Sea buckthorn oil – powerfully nourishing, this is a great oil for all skin types, but especially aging or dry skin
  • Carrot seed oil – you only need a small amount of this oil, but it’s superb for any skin type
  • Evening primrose oil – acne, aging, normal skin
  • Tamanu oil – acneic or oily skin
  • Emu oil – protective and nourishing for dry or oily skin

3) Essential Oil

Essential oils are potent and you only need a couple of tiny drops to get an amazing benefit for your skin. There are so many out there to pick and choose from! Here are some classics that are usually readily available:

  • Rosemary– got acne and oily skin
  • Lavender– acne, oily, or even dry skin – lavender is healing, but a little, tiny bit goes a long way
  • Rose– wonderful for aging, dry and normal skin
  • Peppermint – like lavender, peppermint is great for oily and acne-prone skin. It’s very astringent, so be careful as it can tingle
  • Chamomile – healing and soothing
  • Palmarosa– great for any skin type, but it does seem to work well for breakouts, in addition to being softening and soothing for aging skin
  • Rose geranium – all-around healing essential oil good for dry, sensitive, aging, and normal skin
  • Lemongrass– brightening and toning, this is a great oil for normal, oily, or acneic skin

How to Mix it all together

Grab a small (preferably glass) bottle that you will keep your oil in, that has a lid. Fill it 2/3 with your base or carrier oil. Then, fill nearly to the top with your nourishing oil. After that, add 4 – 7 drops of your essential oil, closing the lid and shaking in between each drop. You should be able to smell your chosen essential oil, but it shouldn’t be overpowering.

And your gorgeous, custom-made facial skin oil is ready! Perfect!

Watch out for my next post with vlogger Denism Lim reviewing the gorgeous Tom Ford Lip Color, see ya!

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