Skincare Hacks – For Dry and Oily Skin


The way you treat your skin is a combination of lifestyle habits, product choices and simple, practical considerations from day to day. You don’t need an expensive skincare specialist to observe some basic, common-sense rules that will make sure you have some skincare hacks which you can seamlessly incorporate into your everyday life to ensure your skin glows with health and radiance!

These hacks are split into “Oily Skin Hacks” and “Dry Skin Hacks” and you might be employing some of both at different times of the year (Summer skin tends to be oilier, Winter skin is drier).  So, let’s dive in then…

Oily Skin Hacks

When skin is oily, it can look overly shiny, break out in blemishes or have enlarged pores.

Keep It Clean!

Try to minimize any clogging of pores as much as possible.

  • Tying your hair up at night – so no stray hair product gets on your clean skin.
  • Making sure anything that touches your face – such as phones, glasses and sunglasses – is super clean. I carry wipes around everywhere for this purpose!
  • Giving your skin care tools and makeup brushes a weekly cleanse can help ensure that the pore clogging dirt and debris—and excess oil from your own complexion don’t hang around to haunt you!

Product Choices

Use products that have been specially formulated for oily skin.

A toner is a must for oily skin. Toners can help pick up any leftover dirt and debris that may still be lingering on your complexion after cleansing and some can even help balance out your skin’s pH. Try Clinique Clarifying Lotion Twice a Day Exfoliator – a gentle daily exfoliator developed to address the demands faced in today’s environment. It effectively yet gently clears away dead skin cells without disturbing or upsetting the skin. There are 4 variants, with No 3 & 4 formulated for Combination / Oily (3) and Oily (4) skin respectively.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion Twice a Day Exfoliator

A mattifying primer works wonders to reduce the appearance of excess oil on the skin, which in turn can create the illusion of non-greasy skin. What’s more? You can use your mattifying primer to create the ideal base for flawless-looking makeup application. A perfect formulation for oily skin is Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Oil Free) – a lightweight, oil-free foundation primer that creates a smooth & transparent layer to prepare and protect skin. The formulation maintains a fresh foundation all day long.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Oil Free)

Dry Skin Hacks

Dry skin can be sensitive and annoying, as well as appearing a little dull and lacklustre. External factors can have quite a major part to play in this, so a few adjustments can make a BIG difference to restoring healthy, soft skin!

Product Ingredients

Dry skin does not respond well to harsh, chemical formulations, especially those containing drying ingredients such as alcohol. Try to use products with natural ingredients only.

Less Shower Power, But More Water

Limit your time in the shower. I know this is tough, but staying in warm water for longer than necessary dries the skin out! Speaking of water, the one place you do need MORE is inside – drink water as many times as you can throughout the day and evening to hydrate from the inside.


If you sleep with a humidifier on, you will notice a difference immediately. A humidifier will put more moisture into the air, which will regulate your bedroom’s environment. Your skin can grab more hydration without causing you to purchase a new moisturizer.

Get Rosy

Keep a refreshing, moisturising rosewater spritz on hand and use it whenever skin feels tight or uncomfortable. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is a hydrating mist, rich in the living energy of rose and marshmallow to restore, tone and hydrate. Leaves the skin balanced and refreshed.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

So, whatever your skin type, keep it soft, healthy and glowing! And stay tuned for our next chat – a delicious discussion of the 5 best beauty looks from the 2017 Emmy awards! Oooooooh…can’t wait…see you then!

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