Mind and Body – Create an oasis of relaxation at home


Have you ever felt that the constant busyness of daily life, the managing of every detail and the rush, rush, rush can start to leave you feeling a little exhausted and depleted? If you do feel like that, just know that you are NOT ALONE! We ALL feel like that sometimes. What is really important, is how you manage and deal with those feelings. Taking time out for some self-care rituals restores your sense of calm and equilibrium, which makes you so much better at dealing with all the stresses AND the goodness of your daily life.


Sensational Spa Treats

And, you don’t have to take a whole lot of time and money and go to a specialized spa, but if you want, just do it! Yet you can just take an hour out for yourself at home. Switch the phone, TV, computers OFF and indulge your mind and body in a bit of relaxation!

Make sure you are uninterrupted!

The key is to grab yourself a few aromatic products, make sure your nearest and dearest know you are after some ‘me time’, grab the bathroom all to yourself and try some of these!

Cleanse with botanicals

All beauty routines start with cleansing! Make sure your make up is swept away with the Sisley Buff and Wash Facial Gel with Botanical Extracts (For Daily Use). It perfectly cleanses skin, and brings a fresh, glowing complexion. The delightful infusion of natural botanical extracts and essential oils (Verbena and Lavender) provide pleasant feelings of comfort and freshness.

Sisley Buff and Wash Facial Gel with Botanical Extracts (For Daily Use)

Exquisite Exfoliation

Next, it’s time for a good, all-over body exfoliation. This removes dead skin cells, leaving skin very smooth and glowy! Bring the comfort of the ocean into your bathroom with Laline Ocean Body Scrub. For the perfect combination of deep-cleansing, it contains natural minerals and nourishing avocado and grape seed oils. Gently massage onto wet skin in a circular motion, which helps promote blood circulation and nurture skin.

Laline Ocean Body Scrub

Beautiful Botanical Fragrance

Scent is one of the ultimate senses. How do you like the sound of an aromatic mix of wild chamomile, frankincense, rosemary and coconut oil? To me, that sounds (and smells) like pure heaven! Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath and Shower Oil helps clear the mind, focus the thoughts and give you that blissful time out that you need to de-stress. Hurrah for that!

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath and Shower Oil 

Rose for the hands

Our hands are always pretty hard at work. Do you give them something special? Well, for your home spa treat, you should. And Jurlique Rose Hand Cream in its gorgeous new packaging is just the luxury ticket for hands. Slathering your hands with this rich, protective hand cream with the relaxing scent of rose restores smoothness and keeps skin looking youthful, soft and supple.

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

Transport yourself to exotic destinations

As I said earlier, scent is the ultimate way to bring your mind and body together in harmony. So, you HAVE to get yourself a Diptyque Cypres Scented Candle. Grown throughout the Mediterranean, the cypress tree gives all its aromatic parts to create this distinctive scent; its green needles, sap and bark bring a fresh note that carries you to the Mediterranean. Now, THAT is the power of a great scent!

Diptyque Cypres Scented Candle

More ways to de-stress coming up

I REALLY hope that some of your stresses have been washed away. Also, watch out for the next feature, a super special YouTube video that you don’t want to miss it because it’s all about special event make up – made EASY. Yup, another way to de-stress and simplify your life, and look absolutely gorgeous doing it. See ya then!

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