Secrets That Movie Makeup Artists Use For Luminous Perfection In HD!


Ah, movie skin. If you watch a lot of movies you could be completely forgiven for thinking that actors and actresses actually came from another planet. A planet where all skin was completely flawless and youthful, luminous and perfect. A planet where the inhabitants were born with no visible pores, they never broke a sweat or “glow” and pimples were unheard of.


It’s Different Here On Earth

Because, here on Earth, we know most people break out, sweat and have visible pores. Not to mention we humans sometimes look a bit tired and dull, not “luminous” like the movie creatures!

BUT, they are as human as you or I, with good days and bad days, pimples and dark circles. It’s true! What they DO have that most of us might not, is extremely skilled and experienced makeup artists on hand, using the latest products as well as some surprising secrets to get that perfect look all the time!

The Make Up Artists Swear by…

So, we scouted around and pulled together some hints and tips from the makeup artists to the movie stars, shhhhhh….you heard it here first!

Blush Your Best

One of the major areas is how a makeup artist uses blusher. This single item of makeup can be used in many ways to ensure the skin appears fresh and glowing. A lot of makeup artists swear by a cream to powder blush. The creamy texture gives a natural, non-cakey glow but the powder gives it staying power. Also, use your blusher on the creases of your eyelids, this “pulling together”of color in the face is very effective and natural-looking, only MUCH better!

For blusher that really looks like your flush comes “from within”, makeup artists suggest putting on a little of your blusher underneath your foundation and then a little more on top. Who knew huh? Not me! I have been trying this one and it works a treat!

For a super-versatile blusher in so many stunning shades try Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheeks. This 2-in-1 ultra-blendable air whipped mousse beautifully highlights your eyes, lips and cheeks with a sensual soft matte finish. Harmonized or contrasted, the irresistible shades create a decidedly summery YSL colour flush on lips and cheeks. Rose Libre is PERFECT for all skin tones.

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheeks 

THE Foundation Secret For Instant Luminosity

When it comes to foundation, there are so many different things to think about in terms of what suits your skin and environment, but there is one universal trick for that absolute pearly incandescence you see on the movie screen – just mix a little golden or pearly white eyeshadow in with your foundation when you apply it (just a little) and voila! Luminosity Lady!

Get Thee To The Kitchen!

Here’s one that was surprising – and cheap too! Whisk together an egg yolk and a tablespoon of olive oil, apply to the face, leave for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water for a hydrated and glowing complexion – ready for your close ups?

So, whether you have designs on an Oscar or you just want to LOOK like a movie star, we’ll keep pumping those makeup artists for their secrets and bring them to you!

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