The “Pulled Together” Princess – How to Pull a Whole “LOOK” Together


You know you are a fabulous, on-trend, beauty-conscious babe, right? Let’s just get that out the way first! But, have you ever stopped to consider how effective it is to pull an entire look together? You know the one – when someone looks absolutely amazing, and you can’t quite put your finger on why, exactly, that is?

How Do They Do It?

It’s probably because they took a little time to consider the entire effect of their look. It’s a GREAT beauty secret! It is probably fairly habitual for us to consider our outfit, hair and makeup separately, but once you start looking at your “being” as a whole with each element being a part of it, something else emerges – your pulled-together “look”.

Whether it’s classically elegant, or “just thrown together” chic, boho, sporty, trendy, sexy – whatever, consider the full spectrum to get it just right.

Focal Point

Decide on your focal point(s) and colours. One of the best ways to ALWAYS look great is to keep it fairly simple, with one or two focal areas and colours. Too many fussy details mean no one knows where to look, and the effect is not pleasant – it’s overdone. For example, if you have decided to make a wide red belt a feature of your outfit, keep the rest fairly simple and match the red or the belt to the red of your lipstick – you will look pulled together. If you add large chunky beads AND colourful high heels AND lots of bangles and a heavy, smoky eye, it will look less “pulled together” and more “overdone”.

Slinky Silhouette

Another big consideration is that of your silhouette. An oversized shirt AND baggy pants will not give an interesting silhouette – so at least one item should be tailored or fitted to make sure the figure is highlighted.

Perfect Posture

Your posture goes a loooooong way to how pulled together you look.  You need to be straight and “pulled up” but also natural. An easy way to get this perfect is to imagine you have a balloon tied to the top of your head, which immediately opens your posture upwards and outwards. A good posture can hide a multitude of sins and always looks amazing!

Divine Detail

credit: Elisabetta Bertolini

And then, there is the detail. Heaven lies in the detail, or so the saying goes. If you have ever admired someones “pulled together”’ look I can guarantee they paid attention to the detail! Such as nails – make sure your nails are groomed and neat. You can go the easy, natural route of a French manicure or neat, glossy nails, or you can get more trendy with gorgeous colours – whatever you do, make it neat and groomed. Same goes for brows – straggly brows do not fit in the same sentence as “pulled together look”! Whether your brows are winged works of art or neat, tidy arches, pay attention to them!

And for a final finish, envelope yourself in an amazing fragrance that you love, and that suits you. Again, you might be able to wear different fragrances for different moods, or have a signature fragrance that is all you!

So, when you are pulling your stylish self together, remember you can get EVERYTHING you need in the way of skincare, makeup, hair care and fragrance at All the best beauty brands in the world, at the most amazing prices, with free shipping and money back guarantee! Enjoy, Pulled Together Princess!

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