How To Create A Healthier Lifestyle – One Habit At A Time!


What’s the secret to ALWAYS looking beautiful? AND feeling great? It’s being in excellent health. It’s the best gift you can give to No. 1 – that’s YOU! Creating healthy habits need not be a chore, it’s actually quite easy to incorporate new, healthier habits into your life.


I find the key is in small wins – small changes that are easy to sustain that then become natural, and you don’t even think about them. If I think about changing my whole lifestyle really dramatically it seems too daunting – so I just don’t do it!

And with the world waking up to the desire and need for good health, there are new and fun ways to get and stay healthy cropping up all the time!

The two no-brainers

Take the two most obvious ways to improve your health and feel great, we all know what they are – 1) eat healthily and 2) exercise! It all depends what your starting point is, but the key is to make more and more healthy choices every day. Whether it is cutting out alcohol, caffeine, introducing more fruit and vegetables into your diet or trying to eat organically grown foods, look at where you can substitute a healthy choice for an unhealthy one, and do that until it becomes completely natural to be searching for healthier options.

It’s the same with exercise – it might seem like a drag at first, but incorporate it little by little doing things that you enjoy and that fit into your lifestyle means you will be a lean, mean, exercising machine in no time. The key is to enjoy what you do! If you love the outdoors, then trail running, hiking, or cycling will be great fun for you. If it’s music that rocks your socks, then a Zumba or dance class will be right up your street.

If you have a little time, park your car a little away from your destination, or hop off the bus one stop early. Every little counts and floods your body with endorphins – the good guys that give you that wonderful feeling!

There is more to us than meets the eye!

Taking care of your diet and exercising will have 100% guaranteed good results. But there is another part of us, complicated humans that we are that needs exercise and nourishment too – and that is your soul. We all need some down time, some rest, happy thoughts and loving memories as this is what makes life precious and special.

Try something new today to nurture your soul – download a meditation, walk in nature with bare feet, swim in the sea or a lake or phone a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while and tell them you love them – making someone else’s day never fails to make your day better too!

Pamper yourself

And lastly – take the time to treat yourself – you deserve it. Save up for that gorgeous fragrance that you love, or that luxurious facial oil that makes you glow. Remember you are extremely special! And don’t forget you can find the world’s most beautiful skin care brands on COSME-DE.COM – nurture yourself and your finances at the same time with great prices and special deals on all your favourites!

Here’s to you, your health and happiness!

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