Hair Trends and Happiness!


We all know that few things are better for the heart and soul than a new hairdo. Whether it’s a subtle change or a sweeping gesture of grand drama, changing your hairstyle is as good as a holiday they say!

So what’s ‘UP’ in the world of trends and style in the hair department? Loads, absolutely loads, and something to suit everyone!

Twisted Mermaids!

The half up twist is so versatile, so trendy right now and works for any length from a bob to as long as you like. It’s casual, stylish and easy to achieve, so long live the half up twist I say!

Then, if you are brave enough, the pastel hues remain right on trend for Summer. Get your mermaid on and go for a pastel pink, blue or even green, yes green. Maybe a bit of purple thrown in – its sooooo pretty! The style works well when it is darker at the roots fading out to a light pastel at the ends of the hair.

If you are going to be dying your hair to join in on this fun and flirty trend, you need to make sure you give back what you took out in terms of moisture, or your hair might be more ‘tousled straw’ than flowing mermaid locks. Use an excellent, moisturising hair treatment such as John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor. It contains linolenic and hyaluronic acids, found in abundance in young hair. Also including soy & wheat amino acids to renew and reconstruct damaged hair. Honey & hibiscus extracts and 16 other certified-organic extracts and plant oils bring life back to very dry or damaged hair. Selected ingredients help improve the health of the scalp.

John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor

Wave Hello To Curls

One of the most beautiful, sleek, sophisticated and elegant of looks is here too. Flowing, shiny Gatsby waves. I love this look, especially for a glamourous night out or special occasion. And while we’re on the subject of waves – there is another trend that is just so right-on for us slightly lazy girls – embrace your natural kink, wave or curl. Work with it, instead of ironing the hell out of it! That’s what I like to hear! Giving a curl a bit of shine with a light touch of serum looks beautiful, I love a few drops of Sabon Delicate Jasmine Hair Serum that textureizes hair and repairs split ends. Enriched with several natural oils, it gives flexibility and a fresh fragrance to the hair.

Sabon Delicate Jasmine Hair Serum

Jewels And Boys

On the opposite end of the scale is the gamine, boyish cut. It looks super, especially if you have angular features. Jewelled hair clips and accessories also make a statement no matter what your hair length – beautiful!

Fringe Benefits

Three new styles have made an appearance that really suit and flatter everyone. The first is a heavy Bardot fringe. Whether you like it hanging straight down, parted in the middle or swept to one side, make sure it’s a good chuck of fringe to be right on top of the style stakes.

The modern bob is gorgeous, versatile and also suits everyone, so there is a winner there too if you have long hair and not quite ready to go the boyish chop right yet! And lastly – the ‘Momu’, also known as the modern mullet. Don’t knock it, stylish layers and a free-spirited look is VERY flattering!

So, wherever you want to go with this, have fun and let your hair bounce and swing where it wants to!

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