Top Tips for Luscious Hair You Really Need to Hear


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There are a lot of factors that can cause thinning hair. Whether it’s hormones, chemical damage or even anxiety and stress, you still want to avoid it, right?

To ease your worries and to help you get thicker and luscious hair, here’s a list of tips you can follow: 

1. Listen to your hair

Hair Growth Cycle

Generally speaking, hair growth follows a certain cycle. It starts off with a growing phase and then followed by the phase where almost two thirds of your hair is damaged. The last phase involves the resting phase. 

By knowing which cycle your hair is in, you’ll be able to recognize if the thinning is simply a manifestation of a healthy cycle or not. You should also know when your hair has had enough of heating and chemical treatments. Pay attention to your hair to better understand its health.

2. Choose a healthier diet

Kale & Mushroom Quinoa 

Food choices have great effects on the health of your hair. To ensure it gets the right nutrients it needs for growth, you can include more foods containing Vitamins A, B and C. You can also increase the amount of Folic Acid in your diet.

3. Moisturize your hair

Deep conditioning your hair can help you restore its youth and health. Chemical processes can strip away your natural hair protection, making it more prone to damage and breakage over time. You can counter such effects by soaking your hair in a deep conditioning mask for 20 minutes once a week . 

4. Massage your scalp frequently

Massaging your scalp can increase the flow of blood in the area. An increased blood supply can mean better nourishment for your scalp and your hair.

5. Choose better hair products

There are hair products that contain volumizing ingredients. Humectant, for one, is a non oily substance that directs external hydration to the inside of your hair roots.

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6. Color your hair

Colors can create depth and you can use this principle in making your hair look thicker. You can ask your stylist about the best set you can use.

7. Use extensions temporarily

While you’re working on making your hair thicker, you can ask your stylist about the best extensions you can use to add volume to your hair.

Your hair is a reflection of how well you care for yourself. As prevention is always better than cure, you may want to make the healthier change now.

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